A selection of interior projects

2016, London, UK

The space takes inspiration from the traditional Spanish butchers to reinterpret its classic features with a London accent. The use of traditional materials such as Carrara marble and small white tiles balances with industrial elements and blends with the mdf-coloured, tailor-made counter. The metal grid at the back creates a visual background that connects the ground floor with a basement that will host a yet-to-be-designed urban canteen to preserve foods and conserve wines. At the heart of the Furanxo concept lies a domestic dimension, that is emphasized by the absence of a spatial division between customers and the working area
/ Photo: Amandine Alessandra, The Interior Photographer.
/ Styling: Flatwig Studio

Sight room
2016, Competition Enel Creative Space Award

Sightroom represents a synthesis of key concepts such as light, transparency, immersion, technology. The space is divided in three main areas: a workshop room, a creative social area – used for discussions and informal activities - and a meeting room.
These areas are marked by light vertical layers which, for their material qualities, don’t delimitate the space in a rigid way, but that give the idea of a fluid and continuous series of spaces. These sheets allow digital projections, human interaction and create different points of view.

Ursa Major
2015, Milano, Ex-officine Ansaldo OCA, IT

Exhibition at Fuori Salone, Milan Design Week 2015, Ex-Officine Ansaldo. Ursa Major is a constellation in the northern celestial atmosphere, but also the name of a temporary exhibition to present Forma, a collection of laser-cut and stainless steel rings inspired by the shape of the universe. The exhibition was designed with a minimal amount of items and materials: concrete and glittery stardust compose a suspended strict geometry to host the collection / Photo: Maria Vittoria Riva

Lungo la strada
2014, cassano d’Adda, IT

Lungo la strada is an exhibition commissioned by Norberto Zazzeron, a traveller and photograher wishful to gather all his pictures in a personal exhibition. The design of the display is composed of simple elements and neutral colours. The only employed material is reclaimed iron: cables, hooks and weights interact together to give to the diaplayed pictures a suspended effect / Photo: Sara Taglioretti

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