Amphora e Tappi, a project for The Surreal Table, 2018
Milan Design Week, Palazzo Durini, Milano

/ Photo: Claudia Zalla
/ Styling: Studio Testo
/ Producers: Soffiera Villa, Trezzo sull’Adda (Amphora + glass stopper), The Ceramist, London (terracotta stopper), Callum Partridge, London (copper and stainless steel stoppers).
/ Designers involved in the exhibition: Analogia Project, Eligo, Zaven, Studio Lido, Flatwig Studio.

The project revisits amphora, the typical container used in antiquity to preserve and transport wine. For The Surreal Table, Amphora loses its materiality and becomes transparent, revealing the preciousness of the contained wine. It’s a hybrid and ambiguous object in between an amphora and a decanter, which is combined with four different stoppers that accompany the ritual of drinking: the opening of the bottle, the act of pouring, the moment of decanting and the beginning of the social occasion.
2019 • The Surreal Table, curated by Davide Fabio Colaci for Santa Margherita Wines, Palazzo Durini, Milan Design Week, Milan

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