Forma, 2014

Laser-cut, hand finished, stainless steel (Aisi 304) rings and pendants.
Rings available in 3 sizes:
S • 1,65 cm, M • 1,78 cm, L • 1,91 cm. Email us for info and prices.

Photo: Aya Watanabe
Forma is a collection of laser-cut stainless steel rings inspired by the universe and the shapes of galaxies. Forma is the result of an interdisciplinary investigation across the themes of the object and jewelry design, where new craft processes met with digital technologies for the research of a pure aesthetic, as extreme synthesis of the forms. This experimental craftsmanship, its visual and tactile signs, define the human body as a habitat for newly desired preciousness and possession of objects which value is determined by the manufacturing process, and not only by the use of precious materials.

2014.04 Officine Creative Ansaldo (OCA), Milan Design Week, Milan


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