Furanxo, London, 2016

Interior design + Custom-made furniture + brand identity
Metal structure and handrail: design by Flatwig Studio, realised by  Matthew Blackler
Counter and shelves: design by Flatwig Studio, realised by Hampson Woods using Valchromat; top by J R Marble.
Bathroom cladding: design by Flatwig Studio with re-used corrugated metal sheets.

Photo: Amandine Alessandra

The space takes inspiration from the traditional Spanish butchers to reinterpret its classic features with a London accent. The use of traditional materials such as Carrara marble and small white tiles balances with industrial elements and blends with the mdf-coloured, tailor-made counter. The metal grid at the back creates a visual background that connects the ground floor with a basement that will host a yet-to-be-designed urban canteen to preserve foods and conserve wines. At the heart of the Furanxo concept lies a domestic dimension, that is emphasized by the absence of a spatial division between customers and the working area.

The toilet has been objective of a minimum intervention: corrugated metal sheet, an industrial and cheap material commonly used for roof coverings, has been randomly found in the backyard of the building and used as vertical cladding, exalting its aesthetic properties given by the dense pattern of the surface.

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