A selection of interior projects

Ingresso con dispensa
2018, Bobbio, PC

The aim of the project was the refurbishment of the entrance in an old country house, which wasn’t originally conceived to be a doorway but that, for ease of the inhabitants, undertook this role. The space never had a precise identity: it was a place to store preserved food and firewood, to lay the harvest but it also functioned as a laundry.
At the basis of Ingresso con Dispensa there is the idea to show - and not to conceal - the beauty of having different functions and objects in an hybrid room.
The space was divided in two areas: the first one (Ingresso) is what could be considered the proper entrance which naturally guides the hosts towards the pubic areas of the house; the second area (Dispensa) is a larder where a custom made cupboard and four panels hiding a laundry and a fridge evolve around a 18th century walnut table which occupies its original position. The two spaces are physically separated by a iron-framed glass window which creates the perception of a unique space: Ingresso con Dispensa.
Traditional elements, such as the credenza, were reinterpreted featuring a pvc plastic little curtain; the sliding panels resemble the frosted glass of 50s cabinets.
/ Photo: Silvia Rivoltella
/  Styling: Flatwig Studio

2016, London, UK

The space takes inspiration from the traditional Spanish butchers to reinterpret its classic features with a London accent. The use of traditional materials such as Carrara marble and small white tiles balances with industrial elements and blends with the mdf-coloured, tailor-made counter. The metal grid at the back creates a visual background that connects the ground floor with a basement that will host a yet-to-be-designed urban canteen to preserve foods and conserve wines. At the heart of the Furanxo concept lies a domestic dimension, that is emphasized by the absence of a spatial division between customers and the working area
/ Photo: Amandine Alessandra, The Interior Photographer.
/ Styling: Flatwig Studio

Sight room
2016, Competition Enel Creative Space Award

Sightroom represents a synthesis of key concepts such as light, transparency, immersion, technology. The space is divided in three main areas: a workshop room, a creative social area – used for discussions and informal activities - and a meeting room.
These areas are marked by light vertical layers which, for their material qualities, don’t delimitate the space in a rigid way, but that give the idea of a fluid and continuous series of spaces. These sheets allow digital projections, human interaction and create different points of view.

Ursa Major
2015, Milano, Ex-officine Ansaldo OCA, IT

Exhibition at Fuori Salone, Milan Design Week 2015, Ex-Officine Ansaldo. Ursa Major is a constellation in the northern celestial atmosphere, but also the name of a temporary exhibition to present Forma, a collection of laser-cut and stainless steel rings inspired by the shape of the universe. The exhibition was designed with a minimal amount of items and materials: concrete and glittery stardust compose a suspended strict geometry to host the collection / Photo: Maria Vittoria Riva

Lungo la strada
2014, cassano d’Adda, IT

Lungo la strada is an exhibition commissioned by Norberto Zazzeron, a traveller and photograher wishful to gather all his pictures in a personal exhibition. The design of the display is composed of simple elements and neutral colours. The only employed material is reclaimed iron: cables, hooks and weights interact together to give to the diaplayed pictures a suspended effect / Photo: Sara Taglioretti

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