Jesmonite serving tray, 2019

Handmade jesmonite serving tray. 28,4 x 48 x 0,7 cm
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Photo: Amandine Alessandra

Jesmonite Serving tray, presented for the first time on occasion of EDIT Napoli 2019. Designed by Flatwig Studio and produced by The Ceramicists, a London based duo specialised in ceramics who collaborated with Flatwig also for the production of a terracotta stopper for the Amphora & Tappi project. The tray is made out of jesmonite and it is monochrome; the colour was obtained through a blend that is able to lend a unique effect to each tray. As a result, every piece is unique. Every tray is then smoothed and finished with a food safe and waterproof finishing. The choice of a contemporary ceramic material was guided by the exploration of the dialogic relationship in between glass and ceramic that has been part of Flatwig Studio also in other works. Soft tones, refined details and smoothness, give delicacy to the tray and make it a key element in the ceremonial act of serving.
2019 • EDIT Napoli

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