Lucerne, in collaboration with Tessa Eastman, 2017

The collection consists of four unique pieces. Email us for info and prices.Hand-CraftedMaterials: ceramic, enamel, gold. 

Photo: Amandine Alessandra

Lucerne is a collection of unique ornamental plates that takes its material and formal inspiration from the uncontaminated Sardinian landscapes and from a series of objects which date back to the Bronze Age: small boats originally used to light up domestic and sacred environments. The forms are hybrid and spontaneous; the ritual of “illuminate” is celebrated through Lucerne, organic ceramic shaped objects, defined by the dialogue of two different surfaces revealing at the same time precious and ancient meanings: the internal and external surfaces contrast in material and finish. The external surface is rough and lunar since it is obtained with an enamelling that, at given temperatures, undergoes a chemical reaction that forms small craters, and the internal surface is smooth, with a thin layer of gold that is revealed on the edges and is then finished with coloured paints for glass. The collection consists of four unique pieces.

2019.09 • Elegant Specimens, Bocci Showroom, organized by Pamono, Berlin

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