Mama Punch, 2019

Hand blown borosilicate clear and satin glass.
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Photo: Amandine Alessandra

Flatwig Studio interprets the English tradition of punch in a contemporary way with the design of Mama Punch, an entirely handmade punch set composed of a series of hand-blown borosilicate glass elements and a jesmonite tray.
Presented at EDIT Napoli 2019, Mama Punch consists of a glass set and a jesmonite tray. The borosilicate glass set includes a punch bowl, symbol of celebration and sharing; a straw to taste and stir the drink; a ladle, and essential tool to serve the punch; and four handled cups. All the elements are unique pieces made of hand-blown borosilicate glass by an Italian master blower. The presence of the handles, a typical element of glass punches, evokes the tea cups that once used to be filled directly from the punch bowl to drink the punch. These elements sit on a tray made of jesmonite. Realized by putting in dialogue the Italian traditional technique of hand-blown glass with the new ways of working with ceramics that are experimented in East London, Mama Punch is inspired by the ancient history of punch, a drink brought to London by sailors coming back from East Indies during the XVII century. Once arrived at the port, sailors used to share a bowl of punch at the docks with those welcoming them; later, sharing a cup of punch became a fashionable habit. Soon after, punch became one of the most popular drinks in London bars, and punch bowls were considered a precious item to show off in domestic environments, as well as a perfect marriage gift.
Flatwig Studio reinterprets this tale with a series of elements able to generate a “welcoming” experience; the name of the project, Mama, recall a sense of familiarity and sharing, a calm and secure harbour where everybody can find shelter.

2019 • EDIT Napoli

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