2019, Mama Punch

Flatwig Studio interprets the English tradition of punch in a contemporary way with the design of Mama Punch, an entirely handmade punch set composed of a series of hand-blown borosilicate glass elements and a jesmonite tray.

Presented at EDIT Napoli 2019, Mama Punch consists of a glass set and a jesmonite tray. The borosilicate glass set includes a punch bowl, symbol of celebration and sharing; a straw to taste and stir the drink; a ladle, and essential tool to serve the punch; and four handled cups. All the elements are unique pieces made of hand-blown borosilicate glass by an Italian master blower. The presence of the handles, a typical element of glass punches, evokes the tea cups that once used to be filled directly from the punch bowl to drink the punch. These elements sit on a tray made of jesmonite. 
Realized by putting in dialogue the Italian traditional technique of hand-blown glass with the new ways of working with ceramics that are experimented in East London, Mama Punch is inspired by the ancient history of punch, a drink brought to London by sailors coming back from East Indies during the XVII century. Once arrived at the port, sailors used to share a bowl of punch at the docks with those welcoming them; later, sharing a cup of punch became a fashionable habit. Soon after, punch became one of the most popular drinks in London bars, and punch bowls were considered a precious item to show off in domestic environments, as well as a perfect marriage gift.
Flatwig Studio reinterprets this tale with a series of elements able to generate a “welcoming” experience; the name of the project, Mama, recall a sense of familiarity and sharing, a calm and secure harbour where everybody can find shelter.

/ Photo: Amandine Alessandra

2019, Milan Design Week, Alcova Sassetti, Milano

Ondula is a collection of light and mobile furnishings by Flatwig Studio designed from corrugated metal sheet, an industrial element commonly used for roof coverings. Ondula, presented at Alcova Sassetti on occasion of Milan Design Week 2019, dialogues with a collection of garments of the Slovakian textile designer Kristína Šipulová, Post-Process, created from reused handwoven linen fabrics. The same principles and values give life to Ondula and Post - Process: in both projects the designers reinterpret existing elements to freely transform them into objects, furnishings and sustainable garments. With the aim of adding value to the aesthetic properties of this industrial material Flatwig Studio with a simple gesture curves the metal sheet, that becomes the basis of a series of furnishings which can be customized in various finishes and colours. The corrugated metal sheet, once bent, acquires three-dimensionality and is kept in position by structural metallic elements such as industrial pipes, profiles and slabs that exalt the rhythm and the delicacy of the wavy surface. Both pieces of furniture, the clothes stand and the coffee table, are designed using corrugated metal sheets in vertical position in order to take advantage of their stability properties, and can be dismantled.
/ Photo: Amandine Alessandra
/ Producers: G.N.C. srl

The Surreal Table,
2018, Milan Design Week, Palazzo Durini, Milano

The project revisits amphora, the typical container used in antiquity to preserve and transport wine. For The Surreal Table, Amphora loses its materiality and becomes transparent, revealing the preciousness of the contained wine. It’s a hybrid and ambiguous object in between an amphora and a decanter, which is combined with four different stoppers that accompany the ritual of drinking: the opening of the bottle, the act of pouring, the moment of decanting and the beginning of the social occasion.
/ Photo: Claudia Zalla
/ Styling: Studio Testo
/ Producers: Soffiera Villa, Trezzo sull’Adda (Amphora + glass stopper), The Ceramist, London (terracotta stopper), Callum Partridge, London (copper and stainless steel stoppers).
/ Designers involved in the exhibition: Analogia Project, Eligo, Zaven, Studio Lido, Flatwig Studio.

2017, a collaboration with Tessa Eastman

Lucerne is a collection of ornamental plates that takes its material and formal inspiration from the uncontaminated Sardinian landscapes and from a series of objects which date back to the Bronze Age: small boats originally used to light up domestic and sacred environments. The ritual of “illuminate” is celebrated through Lucerne, organic shaped objects, defined by the dialogue of two different surfaces revealing at the same time precious and ancient meanings
/ Photo: Amandine Alessandra, The Interior Photographer

Soft Goods
2016, Workshop with Faye Toogood at Domaine de Boisbuchet, Lessac, FR

Exploration of the notion of softness in shape, material, touch and volume across different disciplines such as fashion, furniture, sculpture and installation. Exhibition of furniture designed and produced during the workshop week.

2014, produced by Vectorealism

Forma is a collection of laser-cut stainless steel rings inspired by the universe and the shapes of galaxies. Forma is the result of an interdisciplinary investigation across the themes of the object and jewelry design, where new craft processes met with digital technologies for the research of a pure aesthetic, as extreme synthesis of the forms. This experimental craftsmanship, its visual and tactile signs, define the human body as a habitat for newly desired preciousness and possession of objects which value is determined by the manufacturing process, and not only by the use of precious materials.
/ Photo: Aya Watanabe
/ Styling: Flatwig Studio

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