Photo: Andy Donohe
Francesca Avian met Erica Agogliati in Milan in 2011; in 2015 they moved to London, where they founded their design studio, Flatwig. Their work is an eclectic mix of interiors and objects. They see each project as an opportunity to explore new topics and get inspired by folklore, customs and traditions. The themes of food and tableware are recurrent ones in their design, and represent as a fundamental component of their practice. Their attention to detail is reflected in the choice of materials, that they match and combine in unexpected ways.
Through their objects they explore the boundaries between art and design, and often collaborate with young artisans. In their London-based studio they accumulate and display kitsch souvenirs that they preciously collect around the world.

Erica and Francesca define themselves as complementary: Erica - alias Araldica - has a hands-on approach, she loves experimenting with food and creates thematic dinners for whoever loves her way of cooking; she often collaborates with chefs. Francesca is abstract and dreamy, she also works as lecturer at Middlesex University, London, teaching Spatial Cultures and contextual studies.

Flatwig Studio is based in London
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